Patrol Division


The Patrol Division is the heart of any police agency. The Canyon Police Department takes pride in providing patrol officers with the best training and equipment to effectively carry out their daily duties with maximum effectiveness.


Officers are assigned to an eight-hour shift. There are three eight-hour shifts allowing for continuous 24-hour police coverage. Officers rotate shifts every four months. The number of officers assigned to each shift is determined by the amount of activity on any particular shift. It is the goal of the Canyon Police Department to provide enough patrol officers to meet the demands of the community.

Beat Program

Several years ago, the Canyon Police Department implemented a beat program for the City of Canyon. Currently the City is divided into three separate patrol beats. Officers do not patrol the West Texas A&M University which falls under the jurisdiction of the WTAMU Police Department. Working a specific beat allows the officer to be more efficient and able to respond quickly to calls.

Patrol Contacts