Animal Control


The City of Canyon provides a full-time Animal Control Officer (ACO) who responds to animal complaints. The Animal Control Officer has her basic and advanced training requirements. Animal Control is responsible for enforcing the City ordinances and State laws regulating animal control functions. Routinely, the ACO responds to citizen complaints involving animal nuisances, such as stray animals, barking, aggressive dogs, and animal bites.

Because of Canyon’s unique location, the ACO is often dispatched to calls involving wild animals including skunks, opossums, raccoons or squirrels. Most wild animals are captured, relocated and released back into the natural habitat with the exception of skunks which are prone to carry rabies.

Animal Shelter
The City of Canyon contracts with the City of Amarillo to provide shelter for strays and bite animals. Owners of stray animals must comply with regulations set by the Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare to claim their animals.