Itinerant Merchant Permit


An itinerant merchant is a door-to-door sales person soliciting, selling, or taking orders and does not have a fixed business location.

In order to obtain an itinerant merchant permit, you must:

1. The business interested in a permit of this type must become a collaborator(PDF) in our on-line software – “MyGov”  to apply.

2. After becoming a collaborator and being accepted by Planning & Development personnel, then apply on-line as follows:

The permit is a master permit plus an individual as follows:

Itinerant Merchant Master Permit (for the business)

7 Day Permit $50

14 Day Permit $75

30 Day Permit $100

90 Day Permit $150

Itinerant Merchant Individual Permit (for the individual)

7 Day Permit $25

14 Day Permit $25

30 Day Permit $25

90 Day Permit $25

The individual permit is required for each person going door to door. Each person fills out the application and each person provides pictures and letter of employment.

The individual needs:

1. A current color copy of applicant’s driver’s license and social security number.

2. A background check will be performed. A permit cannot be issued if applicant has been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude.

3. A dated certificate or letter from the president, vice president, general manager, sales manager, assistant sales manager, or district or area manager of the company for which the applicant works, sells, or solicits, stating that the applicant is currently an employee or agent of such company.

The company needs:

1. Must have a $10,000. bond made payable to City of Canyon for solicitor or vendor.

2. Must have State Sales Tax permit number.

Obtain approval of the Director of Planning & Development.

Trespass by Permit Holder: An itinerant merchant who has obtained a permit as required by Chapter 113 of the City of Canyon Code of Ordinances and who offers or attempts to sell goods or services to a homeowner or resident of an apartment through direct physical contact, including door to door solicitation, shall not approach or solicit a home or other residence during any times where a placard is displayed indicating that the homeowner or residential occupant does not wish to be solicited. Violation of this section will result in legal action according to Section 10.99 of the Code of Ordinances and revocation of the permit.

Return all items completed to the:
Director of Planning & Development
301 16th St.
Canyon, TX 79015

If you have questions, call the Planning & Development Department at (806) 655-5014.