Homeowner Exemption


A person who owns a single-family dwelling and has either established it as his legal place of residence, or intends to do so subsequent to completing the work for which a permit is requested, may perform work on that dwelling and on other accessory buildings and structures on the same building site without being registered as a contractor under any of the contractor categories listed in this section.

If you have questions, call the Planning & Development Department at (806) 655-5014.

Who is Considered a Homeowner

A homeowner shall complete an affidavit of ownership and residency upon application for a homeowner permit.

A tenant, lessee, landlord, speculative builder, developer, or other nonresidential owner shall not be considered a homeowner under this exemption.

Reasons for Permit Denial

A person who, within any two-year period, applies for any permit as a homeowner for work at three different addresses shall be denied permits as a homeowner at the third and any subsequent addresses until two years have elapsed between completion of work at one address and initiation of work at another for which a permit is requested.