Driving Safety Course

This option is available for traffic offenses that are classified as “moving violations.” You must hold a valid Texas driver’s license (not a commercial license) and have valid insurance, both at the time of the violation and at the time you apply for DSC. After paying the DSC fee and court costs, you must finish the driving safety course and obtain a certified copy of your Texas driving record from the Texas Department of Public Safety within 90 days. The court cannot extend your time to complete DSC. If you meet all of the qualifications and both the course certificate and driving record are turned in to the court within 90 days, the citation will be dismissed.

 You are not eligible for mandatory DSC if you have completed a driving safety course within the 12 months prior to the current offense. In addition, certain traffic offenses cannot be dismissed by DSC, such as passing a school bus, leaving the scene of an accident, and traffic offenses committed in a construction zone with workers present. Please refer to the court’s website or contact the court if you have additional questions regarding eligibility.