Paying my Tickets

Citations or Notice on Health Complaints

You must appear by the date written on your citation, bonds, summons, or release papers. You or your attorney may appear in person in open court or by regular mail, email or virtual court. A PHONE CALL DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN APPEARANCE. Failure to appear by the date noted may result in a warrant being issued for your arrest. Please make sure you respond by the date on your citation.

Options on Resolving Your Case

Canyon Municipal Court is offering options on handling your open violations. You can appear at 1317 4th Avenue or Visit Municipal Online Payments to verify if you have an active warrant.

Payment options for open violations are available. Please Contact the Canyon Municipal Court at 806-655-5023 or come by at 1317 4th Avenue for more information.

Go to Texas Judicial Branch for Legal Help or to ask Legal questions,

Pay your ticket ONLINE

Visit Municipal Online Payments to make your payment to the City of Canyon Municipal Court.


Telephone Payments at 833-318-2856


City of Canyon
Municipal Court
1317 4th Avenue
Canyon Texas 79015