Solar Panel Installation

Required Contractor Registrations to Obtain a Permit:

  1. Remodel Contractor Registration
    1.  $20,000 Bond for a Remodel Contractor for the City of Canyon
    2.  $90 Annual Contractor registration fee
    3.  $15 Technology fee
    4. Contractor Registration Form
  2. Electrical Contractor Registration  
    1. Texas State Electrical Master License
    2. Texas State Electrical Contractor License
    3. State Minimum Liability Insurance (Listing the City of Canyon as a certificate holder)
    4. Contractor Registration Form

Permit Application:  All applications will be made through the MyGov Public Portal after Contractor Registrations are complete. There is a two week review process.  The following items are required for permit submittal:

  1. Building Application (PDF)
  2. Site Plan
  3. Stamped Plans from a State of Texas Engineer.  Submit plan pages as individual PDFs in the MyGov portal:
    1. Electrical Plan Page
    2. Design Panel Layout
    3. Plumbing Plan Page (if water heater will be on the solar panel)
    4. Manufacturer Specification Plan Pages
    5. Details for Connections Plan Pages

Order of Required Inspections: ( all inspections will be next day after scheduling ):

  1. Framing Inspection
  2. Electrical Rough In Inspection & Panel Frame Bonding
  3. Meter Inspection 
  4. Electrical Final Inspection
  5. Building Final Inspection
  6. Framing inspection, electrical rough-in inspection & panel frame bonding inspection should be scheduled for the afternoon of the day installation begins.
  7. The meter inspection can be done at the same time as the framing and electrical rough-in inspections. Xcel Energy will come and install the correct meter for the solar panel operation.  If a panel upgrade is being done in conjunction with the solar panels, Xcel Energy will need to be notified as part of the disconnect and reconnect process request. They need to be notified that it is for a solar installation.  When they come to complete the reconnect, Xcel Energy will make sure the correct meter is installed.  Xcel Energy contact phone number is 800-628-2121.
  8. The electrical final inspection and building final inspection will be completed the day following the solar system installation.
  9. If a panel upgrade is not required, Xcel will install the correct meter within 10 days from inspection.
  10. Wind and Snow loads for our area are as follows:
    1. Wind - 115 mph sustained
    2. Snow - 20 lbs. per square foot
  11. Setbacks for our community are as follows:
    1. Rear - 3 ft.
    2. Side- 3 ft.
    3. From any other structure - 10 ft.