January is Canyon FDs recruitment month for our upcoming 2024 Recruit Training Academy.

Looking for a rewarding way to give back to your community? It all starts with filling out an application.  Applications are available at the Fire Station from 6 am to 6 pm (M-Sa) and 8 am to 4 pm Sundays.  New member interviews will be conducted in late January through the first of February.

We provide all needed training at no cost to you, except for your time. Ability to attend the Recruit Academy on alternating Saturdays beginning late February.   Successful Recruit Academy completion leads to Firefighter 1 certification.  Already a certified Firefighter? Great! We’ll put you through our Firefighter Orientation Program and get you started!

Canyon FD Volunteer Firefighters participate in a Pension System with all contributions into the system paid by the City of Canyon.  Monthly pension payments are available after at least 10 years of qualified volunteer service and 55 years of age.

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Want to know what it takes to be a Volunteer Firefighter for the Canyon Fire Department? Check out our volunteer brief by clicking here or the photo above.


Volunteering for the Fire Department is a rewarding long-term commitment to the community and the department. The work is hard, but the potential for helping individuals in need is tremendous.

If you are looking for a way to be a part of Canyon and the community, volunteering for Canyon Fire Department might be for you. The department offers quality training and a retirement that is paid for by the City.

The Canyon Fire Department prides itself in protecting life and property in our community through training, education, suppression and first responders.

Find more information on volunteer qualifications here.

To apply, fill out this application and turn it in to the Fire Department or email the completed form to dgwyn@canyontx.com

Minimum Requirements to Volunteer

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must be a high school graduate or have a Graduate Equivalence Diploma (GED).
  • Must be a citizen of the United States of America or provide proof of a right to work in the USA.
  • Must possess a valid Texas driver’s license and social security card.
  • Must be insurable under the requirements of the City of Canyon’s insurance policies.
  • Must review the job description and applicant disqualifiers.
  • Must complete a membership application.
  • Must read and sign the acknowledgment of volunteer firefighter requirements.
  • Must be interviewed by the Volunteer Interview Board.
  • Must pass a NFPA 1582 Firefighter Physical Examination, drug screen, criminal background check and driver’s license check.
  • Successfully complete a Physical Ability Evaluation consisting of a Row Test (4-minute row or 500-meter row), and a NWCG Moderate Duty Work Capacity Test. (2 miles, walking, carrying a 25lb. pack, completed in 30 minutes or less).
  • Sign and agree to a Canyon Fire Department Training Plan. This plan takes into consideration of any held equivalent training or certifications (must be verifiable) listed on the Training Plan. Training Plan administration is per the Training Officer.
  • Attend the Canyon Fire Department Recruit Training Program.  This program is generally held on Saturdays, in addition to a required online course of study. New members who already have obtained the minimum requirements will be placed into the Canyon Fire Department Firefighter Orientation Program.
  • Be certifiable under the rules of the State Firefighters / Fire Marshals Association and Texas Department of State Health Services.

    *Full qualifications, physical demands, and disqualifiers can be found here