Wastewater Division


The City of Canyon's wastewater treatment and irrigation facility consists of:

  • A Headworks system, step screens, grit chamber, and Parshall flume (constructed in 2007)
  • A lift / pump station
  • Two facultative lagoons
  • Two effluent storage ponds
  • Six collection lift stations

The City of Canyon is authorized to dispose of treated domestic wastewater effluent at a daily average flow not to exceed 2.16 million gallons per day via surface irrigation of 807 acres of public access land. Application rate shall not exceed 3 acre feet per year per acre irrigated.


Each City of Canyon employee assigned to the wastewater treatment plant must possess, or be able to obtain, a TCEQ Class C Wastewater Treatment License. Proof of license must be kept on public display at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.