Water Watch - Daily Water Use and Conservation Tips

Have you ever thought about the fact that EVERY drop of water that goes through your faucet is either used or wasted down the drain? Have you considered that you pay for EVERY drop that goes down the drain? Not only does Water Conservation preserve this precious resource for our future, it can help save you, the consumer, money.

With the continued Drought, conserving water is even more important. The City of Canyon has set a total water usage goal of 3.25 million gallons per day and we need everyone to do their part to conserve water and use water wisely so that together we can achieve that goal. To see how we are doing, you can View the Daily Usage.

Water Tower

Follow these Water Conservation Tips to get started:
* Do not water on windy days.
* Water lawns between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am.
* Water lawns 2 but not more than 3 times per week.
* Cool season grasses need to be watered for approximately 25 minutes.
* Warm season grasses need to be watered for approximately 20 minutes.

For more water conservation tips, visit 100 Ways to Conserve. Remember, Every Drop Used is a Drop Gone Forever.