Crash Reports

The City of Canyon Police Department now has Crash Reports available online. You may access your crash report Lexis Nexis with a cost of $13.

Involved parties can search for their report to see if it's available without logging in or setting up an account, however, you will be required to set up an account/log-in in order to purchase a report.

Information required to retrieve your report:

State (Texas)
Jurisdiction (Canyon Police Department)

AND You will need 2 of the following:

First and Last name
Date of Incident
Street where crash occurred

Involved parties searching for crash reports will be required to state their involvement. In order to keep data secure, you will have to attest to the Texas House Bill terms and LexisNexis terms and conditions.

If you have difficulty finding your report, please call the Police Department at 806-655-5000.