Are there things guests should consider before entering the CAP?
Please remember:
* If you have open wounds or infectious diseases, you are prohibited from swimming.
* You should not swim if you have had diarrhea in the last 24 hours.
* You should avoid swallowing the pool water.
* You should wash your hands with soap and water after using the toilet or changing diapers.
* You should take children on bathroom breaks regularly.
* You should change diapers in the designated areas.
* You should shower before entering the pool.

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1. Where is the CAP located?
2. What are the CAP's days of operation?
3. What are admission prices?
4. Are Season Passes available?
5. Are guests allowed to bring their own food or drinks into the CAP?
6. Does the CAP have a dress code?
7. What type of behavior is expected at The CAP?
8. Are children required to wear swim diapers?
9. Are diaper changing stations available?
10. Are there things guests should consider before entering the CAP?
11. Can I drop off my children?
12. Can we bring toys (water guns, throwing toys, noodles, etc...) into the park?
13. Are outside floatation devices allowed in the park?
14. Are lockers available?
15. Is smoking / vaping allowed in the park?
16. What kind of payment is accepted?
17. What is the CAP's severe weather policy?
18. Is there a concession stand?
19. Can I re-enter the park if I exit for a short period of time?
20. Can I reserve the CAP exclusively for a party?
21. Can I have a birthday party at the CAP?
22. Is there shade, tables, or chairs available?
23. Can I reserve a shade pavilion?
24. Is admission for my guests included in pavilion or party rentals?
25. Are pets allowed inside the CAP?
26. Will the park ever reach capacity?
27. Can the CAP use my image?