How do I request community service?

Defendants must appear in person or by mail to request a Financial Form Canyon Municipal Court link. The application will not be considered if proper proof is not supplied nor will you be contacted for further information. Provide supporting documentation for the information put on the Financial Form.

The following documents, if they apply, Should be attached to support your request for community service.

Current pay stubs or W2 or Income Tax Filing for all persons working in the household, proof of public assistance received by anyone in the household; food stamps TANF; and Medicaid unemployment payments received by anyone in the household; workers' compensation payments received by anyone in the household SSI or SSD award letter received by anyone in the household; letter from employer indicating layoff or reduction of hours received by anyone in the household; and medical records of anyone in the household indicating inability to work.

YOU WILL ONLY BE ALLOWED TO WORK COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS IF YOU ARE FOUND INDIGENT OR YOU ARE A STUDENT IN A SECONDARY SCHOOL and the imposition of community service will not cause an undue hardship. You may also request a job search. The court’s job search program allows the defendant 30 days to document his search for employment and return the document to the court for review.

Note: Under State law, a judge also has the authority to waive payment and community service hours if the defendant presents proof that all alternative methods of discharging the fine or costs would impose an undue hardship upon the defendant.

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