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Event Permit - Block Party

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    City ordinance requires permits to close city streets for Block Parties. A Block Party is a gathering, such as a barbeque, picnic, or other organized event, requiring the closure of a residential street. Block Parties may only be held between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. This application, including the completed Petition, shall be submitted to the City of Canyon Code Enforcement Department, fifteen (15) working days prior to the requested closure. There is not an Event Permit fee for a Block Party. Street barricades will be delivered to and picked up from the applicant’s residence. The applicant will be financially responsible for all barricades. Street blocks can only be barricaded at a street intersections or an alley entrances, no midblock barricading is allowed. Applicant will be notified of application status within three working days of the application submission. Applicants are encouraged to read the ordinance associated with this permit prior to submitting an application. Ordinance 1021 may be found at under Code of Ordinances. T here is not an application fee associated with Block Party applications. Return completed application to the City of Canyon Code Enforcement Department at 301 16th Street, Canyon, Texas 79015. For questions please call 806‐655‐5014.
  3. Applicant Information
  4. Event Information
  5. From Block # to Block #
  6. Not earlier than 7AM
  7. Completed no later than 10PM
  8. I do solemnly sware (or affirm) that all answers given and statements made on this application are, true and correct to the best of my knowledge and beliefs. I am aware of ordinance 1021 and agree to comply with the requirements associated with it.
  9. Petition for Closure
    Please List the Name, Address, and phone number of each Petitioner
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